The amazing benefits of

Infant Massage

 For parents:  

  • Promotes bonding and deepens the relationship between you and your baby.

  • Helps to develop your confidence as a new parent at handling your baby.

  • Encourages you to be tuned in to your baby's physical appearance and therefore be more alert to any changes.

  • Promotes and enhances early communication with your baby through use of eye contact, smiling, talking and laughing.

  • Encourages you to get to know your baby and helps you to learn their unique cues and individual needs.  

  • The massage can be carried out by another carer e.g.: father, sibling or grandparent. This can provide a special bonding time for others as well as some much needed rest for a new mother.

  • Encourages you to dedicate "down time" with your baby. This promotes a feeling of relaxation, comfort, enjoyment and trust. This will reduce stress levels and help parents adjust to parenthood.

    For Baby:



  • Stimulates their circulatory system (increased blood flow ensures oxygen and nutrients reach their cells.
  • Strengthens their immune system through stimulation of their lymphatic system.

  • Removes toxins from their body.

  • Aids digestion and elimination. It has been proven to relieve colic and constipation. It can also promote weight gain in small babies.

  • Improves muscular co-ordination and joint mobility.

  • Promotes fuller and deeper respiration.

  • Improves the appearance and texture of their skin.

  • During massage endorphins are produced in their body which help to reduce pain and tension.

  • Tactile stimulation enhances their sensory awareness.

  • Enhances their neurological and motor development


  •  Your baby will feel soothed and comforted, helping to relieve anxiety and trauma.
  • Promotes their feelings of emotional security and can teach them to self soothe.
  • Encourages good sleep patterns.
  • Promotes body awareness and a healthy body image.

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