A bit about me...


My name is Kathy Murray. I am married with two children. I have a Montessori Teaching Diploma Birth to 6 years. I am also a licenced Thrive Practitioner and a qualified VTCT Infant Massage Instructor. 

I worked as a Montessori teacher in Durban, South Africa while I developed a voluntary programme to work with orphans of parents with HIV.

In 2005 I moved to Nottingham, UK where I began working as a manager of a nursery. Together with my staff team, I was involved in implementing a brand new Early Years Curriculum known as the Early Years Foundation Stage. The curriculum is now compulsory in all Early Years settings in the UK . It recognises these early years as the most influential at shaping a child's future. It looks closely at all areas of childhood development and focuses on practitioners helping children meet their full potential by tuning into their uniqueness and individual learning styles.  

In 2010 I left teaching to become an Outreach Worker at a children's centre for a large charity funded by the local authority in Plymouth , UK. The centre uses an "early intervention" approach to provide services to families with children under five years. My work consisted of a mixture of group and individual work with parents, both in the centre and in their homes. The work focused on supporting parents to gain a better understanding of their children's development.

After gaining my qualification in Infant Massage Instruction I became particularly interested in the positive effects it has on early bonding and attachment of new mothers with their newborns. Since then I have done extensive work with mothers suffering with Post Natal Depression. I have often used Infant Massage as a tool to support these mothers to gain confidence and strengthen the bond with their new baby. I found this to be extremely rewarding 

For many years I have been passionate about the importance of the foundation years of a child's life. I believe that the experiences and learning opportunities that we give our children in the first five years play a vital role in the relationships they will have and the achievments they will make as adults. 

I also believe the relationship between a child and a significant adult is the most under recognised and under used resource. By providing your baby with the knowledge from prebirth that they are safe, loved and uniqually special to you, you will be giving them the best start in life. You will be building their emotional resillience by providing them with a blue print of a healthy, loving relationship for the rest of their life. This will enable them to grow up to be confident, motivated, happy and, most importantly, with the capacity to love others.